Mr. Shoaib Khan, CFA

/Mr. Shoaib Khan, CFA

Mr. Shoaib Khan, CFA

Co Founder and CEO

Over 12 years of asset management experience with various well-known names of Middle Eastern financial world.

Co-founder and CEO of Value Contriver. Value Contriver is independent wealth advisor and independent research enterprise which offer its services to local and international clients.

Steer headed business development and strategy division of AKD Investment along with Heading North Region.

Set up and headed investment management division of Derayah Financial, a leading brokerage and asset management firm of Saudi Arabia.

Senior Investment Manager in Ajlan Sons Investments. Oversaw Equities, Fixed Income and REIT Portfolios for the company.

Mr.Shoaib Khan is a CFA Charter Holder and holds MSc (Hons.) in Economics and CMA(Certified Management Accountant) certificate